ACC - 心脏病学会议及博览会


ACC Annual Scientific Session & Expo 

The Global Marketplace for Cardiovascular Innovation

20,000 Attendees
More than 13,500 Professional Attendees
265+ Exhibitors
Key Opinion Leaders from 128 Countries
286 Press representing 179 media outlets 

The ACC is a great venue for us to reach our target audience. The attendance at this meeting consists of quality cardiovascular physicians and administrative professionals who are the decision makers for their companies. In addition, it provides us the opportunity to stay abreast of all the latest technology on the market.

Attendees flock to the ACC Annual Scientific Session & Expo to benefit from comprehensive education sessions; to interact with their cardiovascular colleagues; and to explore the Expo, looking for the latest advances and solutions in cardiovascular science and care.

Take advantage of this can’t-miss opportunity. In addition to general exhibit space, ACC offers specialty areas such as the Interventional Pavilion, Health IT Pavilion and Publishers Showcase.

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    心脏病学会议及博览会(ACC)每年在不同城市举行。ACC是由美国心脏病学院(American College of Cardiology)主办,由J. Spargo & Associates,Inc.和 Wen Global Solutions (海伦温国际展览)共同承办的博览会。ACC云聚了世界各地最权威的内科教授和专家医师,300多家参展企业展示创新的心血管产品和服务. ACC目前是心血管领域里最大规模的国际学术聚会。


在ACC展览会期间,在展览会大厅里设有企业专家讲座,这些演讲就和ACC的教育课程和高质量的会议一样吸引了众多的观众,这个剧场的演讲时间都放在黄金时段,千万不要错过这个良好机会。 现在就马上申请吧! 详情...