The International Beverage Exposition and Competition (IBEC)


The International Beverage Exposition and Competition (IBEC) is quickly becoming one of Asia's premier beverage events. It is a forum for exhibitors of wine, spirits, beer and other non-alcoholic beverages to showcase their products to a variety of buyers. Attendees have the opportunity to taste products and meet face-to-face with producers, importers and distributors.

Wine consumption in China is clearly on the rise, with the younger generation leading the way with increased knowledge and sophistication. Cocktails and spirits are becoming more popular drinks of choice. Shenzhen is an ideal location for the IBEC due to the age demographic and fast-paced growth of the city. 

The high-standard IBEC creates an unparalleled opportunity for you to introduce your beverage product into the Chinese market. Whether you are a producer of a beverage product or a supplier of equipment for the domestic beverage sector, this EXPO is a must for your company.

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IBEC - 具有世界水平级别、最高质量的国际名酒饮品专业展会

IBEC - 云聚了全球各地著名品酒师及行业内有名饮品专家学者
IBEC - 参加IBEC专业展会, 巩固国内外品牌地位, 寻找代理加盟

第五届深圳国际名酒饮品博览会暨国际竞赛(IBEC)每年8月在深圳会展中心举行。IBEC主要是展示全世界各地的国际名酒、咖啡、 高档特色饮品及中国名茶。IBEC将为中国各地的商场、酒吧、KTV夜总会、咖啡厅、歌舞厅、餐厅、酒楼和酒店提供一个丰富的采购资源。IBEC将为国内外饮料行业创建一个便捷交易平台。


国际名酒饮品竞赛和博览会将同时进行。IBEC将邀请100多名国际名酒饮品专家、侍酒师作为评判。他们都是一些来自世界上行业内有名的侍酒师及饮品专家。比赛项目包括有: 葡萄酒烈酒啤酒鸡尾酒餐后甜酒香槟咖啡名茶等等. 得奖者将授到各大电视台、广播电台、各大报纸、杂志及行业内媒体的采访及报道。